to January Jones Source. We will bring you the latest news, media and pictures of the truly beautiful actress and model January.
January has starred in the movies American Pie 3, We are Marshall, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada and Love Actually. She also can be seen as Betty in the award winning AMC's Mad Men.
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New January X-Men Promo & Video interview - 24th May, 2011

JJS gives you a brand new promotional image that has just been released of January as Emma Frost. JJS absolutely adores this picture. It has to be one of the best X-Men First Class promos released so far:


Thanks to Emma Frost Files for the heads up.Tweet us your comments! Love to hear your thoughts.

Also a fab new video has just been released with January talking about Emma Frost. I love her hair like that! Be sure to watch the video:

And January features in the Gioia Italy Magazine, May 2011 issue. If anyone can send scans,please tweet or email us! We need them.

January in Live Magazine - 22nd May, 2011

January features in todays Live Magazine, a supplement from the UK's Daily Mail newspaper. JJS has straight away scanned our copy of the mag & our site is the only place to find the scans:


These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

To read the full online interview: Read here.

January features in Che Magazine / The Sun Newspaper & New X-Men Emma Frost poster - 21st May, 2011

JJS is proud to be the first to tell you that January will feature in Belgium's Che Magazine. She is set to appear in the June 2011 issue. Here are a couple of previews:

JanuaryInCheMagazinePreview.jpg JanuaryInCheMagazinePreview2.jpg

Looks a good feature. JJS is trying to get our hands on the full scans. So keep checking back to us!

And January featured in yesterdays The Sun newspaper, UK. JJS is the only place to find the scans:

JanuaryInTheSunNewspaper.jpg JanuaryInTheSunNewspaper5.jpg

These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

It's worth a read, as she gives an interesting interview about X-Men First Class, appreciating the paparazzi, having children and wanting to meet someone special.
"It's hard to find material that gives you the chance to challenge people's expectations. I've had to fight blonde stereotypes and doubt my entire career until Matthew gave me a role I could make my own".
"It's hard to find romance, the kind of love story that carries you away. I would love to have that. I'm pretty idealistic when it comes to love."
"I think if I had been a champion athlete or scholar that would have counted more than becoming a model."

Plus January's X-Men First Class character poster has been released. She looks so saucy as Emma Frost:


To discuss any of the above or anything at all January related:

Follow JJS on twitter

January lands the front covers of Cosmopolitan Germany Magazine & The Score Magazine / New X-Men still & Behind the scenes photos of Mad Men Season 1 - 19th May, 2011

JJS is the first fansite to announce that January will be gracing the front of TWO MORE magazine covers. This time she will appear on Cosmopolitan Germany Magazine, June 2011 issue:


Cosmopolitan Germany have used the same shoot from the 2010 C Magazine photoshoot but JJS is excited about all the publicity January is getting at the moment. Good for January!

And January has scored the front cover of The Score Magazine, June 2011 issue:


JJS really likes this cover. If anyone knows what country the magazine is from, please let us know. And even better, if you can send us the scans, we'd be very happy to see them.

JJS has added 136 x caps of January behind the scenes at the Allure magazine shoot:

JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap7.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap71.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap89.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap101.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap102.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap113.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap124.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootAllureCap125.jpg

Also one more new X-Men First Class still out with January as Emma Frost using her powers:


And finally some Mad Men Season 1 behind the scenes photos have been released. JJS particularly likes the one of January as Betty lying on the sofa having her hair and makeup touched up.
Mad Men fans have been waiting a long time for these photos. So JJS is glad to be the first fansite to present them to you:

JanuaryInMadMenS1BTS.jpg JanuaryInMadMenS1BTS2.jpg JanuaryInMadMenS1BTS3.jpg

January's X-Men co-star James McAvoy has been saying complimentary things about our January:

"We have a psychic battle at one point which involves us staring hard at each other for a long time. It actually came naturally because there are a lot worse things to have to stare at!?

January hits front cover of Allure Magazine / New X-Men stills - 17th May, 2011

January will be hitting the front cover of US Allure Magazine, June 2011 issue. She was photographed by Norman Jean Roy in Beverly Hills. Her look was created by makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen and hairstylist Ken O'Rourke.

JanuaryInAllureMagazine.jpg JanuaryInAllureMagazine3.jpg JanuaryInAllureMagazine5.jpg JanuaryInAllureMagazine9.jpg JanuaryInAllureMagazine10.jpg

I'm liking the black & white shot of January playing with her Yorkiepoo, Max. Bless her. A preview of the interview from the magazine has been released. She talks about her modelling, the underwear & shoes in Mad Men, her break up with Jason Sudeikis, diets and Grace Kelly.

"the long distance kind of petered us out. When you date someone else who's in the industry, someone has to make the sacrifices. And if no one's willing to, then you just have to be friends." She says that it's hard to imagine anyone who is not in the industry being understanding of her job's demands: "'I'm sorry, I need to go away for three months and kiss other men while you stay here.'"
"It's hard to think I have to live up to that, because I'm not her, unless Grace Kelly drank beer."
"I'll stop at McDonald's and get a strawberry shake and fries and not feel guilty at all, because I deserve it."

Also lots more new X-Men First Class stills have surfaced with January as Emma Frost, yay!

JanuaryInXMenStill7.jpg JanuaryInXMenStill8.jpg JanuaryInXMenStill9.jpeg JanuaryInXMenStill10.jpeg

New X-Men & Oceana Promos Out / January in Grazia Magazine & FHM 100 Sexiest Scans- 14th May, 2011

JJS is the first fansite to give you scans from UK magazine Grazia. January features in the current issue on sale now, 16th May 2011. It is a small piece on January full of gossip about who the father of her baby might be.


JJS also brings you the scan from FHM's 100 Sexiest before anywhere else. Enjoy!


These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

Also some new promo images have been released of January's work with Oceana. There are some lovely images:

JanuaryOceanaPromo3.jpg JanuaryOceanaPromo4.jpg JanuaryOceanaPromo5.jpg JanuaryOceanaPromo6.jpg

January gave an interesting Q&A about her work for Oceana for Bohemian Trails, an online travel magazine.
"I wasn?t intimidated so much as in complete and utter awe. Seeing an animal of that size in the wild is incredible. And then to be able to swim alongside it? It?s a feeling that?s very hard to put into words. There was a peace that came over me and a feeling of hope and joy that was intoxicating. I was free diving so I was obviously holding my breath but I didn?t want to surface." Read here.

And a couple of new X-Men First Class photos are out, showing January on set as Emma Frost:

JanuaryInXMenStill5.jpg JanuaryInXMenStill6.jpg

Plus a new X-Men poster and X-Men UK banner have hit the internet, yay!

XMenPoster4.jpg XMenUKBanner.jpg

JJS welcomes a new affiliate:
Emma Roberts

January's Oceana PSA Released- 10th May, 2011

JJS is pleased to be the first fansite to tell you that an Oceana video has FINALLY been released of January's swim with Whale sharks last year. She visited Belize's Gladden Spit Marine Reserve. JJS has made screen caps from the short video and added them straight to our gallery:

JanuaryOceanaPic72.jpg JanuaryOceanaPic74.jpg JanuaryOceanaPic75.jpg JanuaryOceanaPic78.jpg JanuaryOceanaPic81.jpg JanuaryOceanaPic86.jpg

These images were capped by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

January Jones Swims with Whale Sharks from Oceana on Vimeo.

"It's silly to be scared of them. We should be scared for them."
"January has an extraordinary passion for sharks and her partnership with Oceana has been invaluable," said Oceana Chief Executive.

Fans can read all about January's swim in her Public Service Announcement for Oceana. Source.
January has also written a short blog for Oceana: Read here.

There are some very strange rumours flying around the internet about the father of January's baby. Unnamed sources are spreading gossip about January having a relationship with one of her X-Men co-stars.
If you would like to read the latest gossip: Read here.

January on front cover of F Magazine- 9th May, 2011

JJS is happy to be the first fansite to inform you that January will be hitting the front cover of F Magazine alongside her fellow X-Men cast. The magazine is a Singapore magazine, which apparently will be Twentieth Century Fox's official magazine for X-Men: First Class.


I'm unsure of the release date of the magazine. If anyone knows, please let us know. But it will feature 28 pages of pictures, characters & interviews.

Miss Jones Fanlisting Launch / January named in FHM's 2011 Sexiest Women in the World / Unknown DVD & Blu-ray Release- 5th May, 2011

JJS is so proud to launch Miss Jones, the approved January Jones Fanlisting! I've been working hard on the fanlisting for a while and I'm very pleased to say it's open for all January fans to join.
Miss Jones was designed by the very talented and experienced designer Mycah at Purple Haze Inc. JJS LOVES it so much. Any comments please email or tweet.


Also JJS is first to tell you that January has just been named in FHM's 2011 Sexiest Women in the World poll. She is at number 65. She is above Keira Knightley, Billie Piper, Avril Lavigne, Christina Hendricks and Angelina Jolie.

Unknown is due for release on DVD and Blu-ray on June 21, 2011. You can pre-order your copy now on Amazon: Source.
JJS is first to give you previews of the DVD & Blu-ray covers:

UnknownBluRayCover.jpg UnknownBluRayCoverBack.jpg
There is a lovely promo shot of January as Elizabeth Harris on the back cover. If anyone can find a larger HQ of the promo, please let me know. She looks stunning!

It has just been revealed that January met and chatted to David Beckham and Gordon Ramsey at the recent Lakers game. How cool!

JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame7.jpg JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame8.jpg

And January Jones Pregnancy Diary has been updated, so go now to read the latest.
If fans have any January pregnancy related fan art or any well wishes they would like to post on JJS, I will be happy to add them to the January Jones Pregnancy Diary! Please email or tweet JJS.

January named in Maxim's 2011 Hot 100 - 4th May, 2011

JJS is the first fansite to tell you all that January features in Maxim's 2011 Hot 100! She has stormed into the top 20, at number 12. You go girl!
She has beat the likes of Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Christina Hendricks and Jessica Alba. Well done January.

Also we have a new affiliate:
Jennifer Lawrence
If you would like to become affiliates with JJS, please get in touch.

January at Lakers Game / Pregnancy Diary Launch - 3rd May, 2011

January was snapped at last nights LA Lakers game. She attended with her friend actress Jennifer Carpenter. JJS loves the pair of rimmed glasses! She looked like she had lots of fun. She is clearly showing her baby bump in one of the shots, bless her! Other celebs spotted at the game included Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and chef Gordon Ramsay. Source

JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame.jpg JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame2.jpg JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame3.jpg JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame4.jpg JanuaryCandid2011AtLakersGame5.jpg

Also JJS has launched JJ's Pregnancy diary. We know that January does try to keep her private life as private as she can. We will try to to respect January's wishes as well as we can and try to inform you of the facts only.
For fans who wish to read about her exciting journey to becoming a mother, please visit:

Please tweet us your thoughts on January's pregnancy news. Come follow JJS!

JJS Fansite of the Day / Exclusive Magazine & Newspaper Scans - 1st May, 2011

JJS has been made Fansite of the Day by the kind people at The Fan Carpet. Source. We appreciate it very much.

JJS has added some of the January treats we promised you all. There are lots of new magazine and newspaper scans from recent and old, including UK's Hello Magazine, The News of the World newspaper, UK's Weekend magazine and The Playlist magazine. Some of these are exclusive to JJS.

JanuaryInHelloMagazine.jpg JanuaryInHelloMagazine2.jpg JanuaryInTheNewsOfTheNewspaper.jpg JanuaryInThePlaylistMagazine.jpg JanuaryWeekendMagazine.jpg
These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

Lots more scans and other goodies at JJS to follow shortly!

January Jones is Pregnant! - 29th April, 2011

JJS is very happy to announce that January Jones is pregnant! Her spokesperson has informed the media that January is expecting her first child this fall. Source.

The father has not yet been revealed but it is likely to be Jason Sudeikis. The couple ended their relationship in January.
Apparently "She's really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom."

JJS wants to congratulate January on this lovely news! So happy for her. Stay tuned to your longest running January site for all updates on this story.

New X-Men First Class Poster & New Trailer- 27th April, 2011

JJS is the first January site to tell you that another new X-Men First Class poster has just been uncovered:


Also a new X-Men First Class trailer is just out, which features a brand new clip of January looking foxy as Emma Frost:

JanuaryInXMenTrailerCap11.jpg JanuaryInXMenTrailerCap12.jpg JanuaryInXMenTrailerCap14.jpg JanuaryInXMenTrailerCap16.jpg

These images were capped by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

Exciting things are on the way at JJS in the next few days, so come back soon!

New X-Men First Class Posters- 19th April, 2011

JJS is the first January site to inform you that two brand new X-Men First Class posters have been unleashed with our January as Emma Frost.

XMenPoster.jpg XMenPoster2.jpg

JJS loves them. Tweet us your opinions.

Also JJS wants to welcome our new affiliate, for an X-Men co-star:
Jennifer Lawrence

Total Film Magazine Scans / W Magazine & Rolling Stone Behind the Shoot- 15th April, 2011

Total Film magazine is now out in UK shops. We got our copy with the special January bonus cover. There is also a different cover available for subscribers. JJS gives you all the scans:

JanuaryInJuneTotalFilmMagazineSubscriber.jpg JanuaryInJuneTotalFilmMagazineScan2.jpg JanuaryInJuneTotalFilmMagazineScan4.jpg JanuaryInJuneTotalFilmMagazineScan5.jpg

These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

Also the nice people at W Magazine have released a video showing January behind the scenes at the much talked about photoshoot. JJS brings you 93 x screen caps of the video:

JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap11.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap12.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap19.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap24.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap52.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap63.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap78.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap81.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootWMagazineCap82.jpg

These images were capped by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

JJS has also added 88 x screen caps of behind the 2010 Rolling Stone photoshoot, which featured January and her Mad Men cast members:

JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap10.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap24.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap31.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap36.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap37.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap38.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap44.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap47.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap50.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap80.jpg JanuaryRollingStoneBehindTheShootCap85.jpg

These images were capped by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

January on front cover of W Magazine- 12th April, 2011

January will be gracing the front cover of US W Magazine! She features on the May 2011 issue, which will be out on newsstands on April 19.

JanuaryInWMagazine.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine2.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine3.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine4.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine5.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine6.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine7.jpg JanuaryInWMagazine8.jpg

The photoshoot is an edgy one, shot by Craig McDean. She seems to be going for the rock chick look. She wears all black outfits, by top designers such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and of course Versace.

January fans can read part of the interview at W Magazine's Official Website.
?Emma Frost was not in the earlier X-Men movies, so I wanted to make her true to the way she is in the comic books. I?m one of the most powerful mutants. It?s fun to imagine what life would be like as a diamond.?
I didn?t care if they said I was too small, too blonde, too pretty, or not pretty enough".
"I?m a villain. As Emma Frost I?m telepathic, and I can turn into a diamond, which means I?m very, very cold. I always wear white: lots of iridescent stretch leather, lots of sparkle, and ass-kicking white boots".
"The paparazzi are lining my street, waiting for me to come out of the house. And I?m always doing the same thing: walking the dog. My poor dog is getting to know all the photographers. I say to him, ?Why aren?t you barking?! These aren?t your friends.?

Very happy to hear she's got another US cover in the bag. Hopefully there will be more on the way, with the big lead up to X-Men. There will be two W Magazine covers, one being the subscribers issue. Tweet me your views!

Marie Claire Scans / Caps of Behind the Marie Claire Shoot / Insider Magazine- 7th April, 2011

Marie Claire magazine featuring January Jones on the front cover is on sale in the UK today and JJS brings you all the scans:

JanuaryInMarieClaireMagazineScan2.jpg JanuaryInMarieClaireMagazineScan3.jpg JanuaryInMarieClaireMagazineScan4.jpg JanuaryInMarieClaireMagazineScan7.jpg JanuaryInMarieClaireMagazineScan9.jpg

These images were scanned by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

Please all go and buy your copy. It features an 8 page spread and full, candid interview. As usual our January has been open and controversial in the interview. She's definately got everyone talking! She speaks about her road to acting, Mad Men and her pay as well as rumours about high school and Ashton Kutcher.

"High school girls were mean because I was pretty".
She reportedly bristled when Marie Claire's writer mentioned Ashton's name. "I don?t comment about that," she tells the magazine. "And I never commented about him."
"Financially, we don?t get paid very much on the show and that?s well-documented," she says of "Mad Men." "On the other hand, when you do television you have a steady paycheck each week, so that?s nice".

Also JJS brings you 179 x screen caps of the video featuring January behind the scenes at the Marie Claire photoshoot:

JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap2.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap11.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap26.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap52.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap72.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap82.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap92.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap95.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap100.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap104.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap108.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap109.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap119.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap124.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap128.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap155.jpg JanuaryBehindTheShootMarieClaireCap166.jpg

These images were capped by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.

JJS has just came across the video of January's appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly a while ago:

Also JJS has just discovered that January was on the front cover of Insider magazine, for the Sunday Telegraph, Australia. She was on a February 2011 issue:


Fans can read the interview here.
"My greatest gift as an actor is my instinct. When I first came to LA I was encouraged to take acting classes but I wasn't a fan of the classroom situation. They give the same notes to everyone but people are so different and it didn't feel right for me."
I really like this magazine cover. If anyone can provide JJS with the full scans from the Insider, please get in touch.

JJS loves hearing from all fellow January fans, please get in touch with us on twitter with any feedback or comments on anything January related. Follow us now!