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Mad Men
As: Betty

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Year: 2013
As: Sara
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Year: 2014
As: Narrator
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Good Kill
Year: 2015
As: ?
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Rebels With A Cause Gala / Violet Grey Photoshoot / More Mad Men Season 7 / New Behind the scenes of Good Kill

January attended her first event of 2014, finally! She went to the 2nd Annual 'Rebels With A Cause' Gala held at Paramount Studios on March 20, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
She wore a striped satin Topshop dress, simple black dual strapped heels and a metallic silver clutch:

JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala.jpg JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala8.jpg JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala12.jpg JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala15.jpg JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala21.jpg JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala23.jpg JanuaryAtRebelWithACauseGala28.jpg

Also January features as the cover story for Violet Grey. The photoshoot is absolutely beautiful:

JanuaryVioletGreyShoot2.jpg JanuaryVioletGreyShoot4.jpg JanuaryVioletGreyShoot5.jpg JanuaryVioletGreyShoot6.jpg JanuaryVioletGreyShoot9.jpg JanuaryVioletGreyShoot11.jpg

JJS has added another Mad Men Season 7 promo and the poster:

JanuaryMadMenS7PromoEOnline.jpg MadMenS7Poster.jpg

Also added another lovely shot from January filming Good Kill:


New Mad Men Season 7 Promos & Teaser Trailer / Behind the scenes of Good Kill

New promos have been released of Mad Men Season 7. How exciting. JJS has added them straight to the gallery:

JanuaryMadMenS7Promo.jpg JanuaryMadMenS7Promo2.jpg JanuaryMadMenS7Promo3.jpg

A teaser trailer of Season 7 is out. It does not give much away at all but it's worth watching:

Also JJS has added a behind the scenes shot from January's upcoming film Good Kill. We cannot wait to see more!


New Film The Shuddering / New Unity Posters & Instagram Photos

Another new film has been announced which will star our January, titled The Shuddering! It is a supernatural thriller to be directed by George Ratliff. The film is about a woman (Jones) who returns to the town where she first began to experience strange visions. Determined to get to the bottom of it, she unravels a mystery that goes back farther than she could imagine.
Apparently production is scheduled for summer 2014 after January wraps the final season of Mad Men. Read more.

JJS has also added lots more posters from Unity:

UnityPoster4.jpg UnityPoster5.jpg UnityPoster6.jpg

Also added more brilliant Instagram photos:

JanuaryInstragramPhoto4.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto5.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto7.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto10.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto11.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto14.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto15.jpg

We are loving January's official Instagram account. It's so much fun. January has already got 13,000 followers. So come and join us: Instagram.

New Film Good Kill / New Behind the scenes shot for Violet Grey

Wow it has just been revealed that January will be starring in a new film Good Kill!It is a thriller directed by Andrew Niccol. January will play the wife of a fighter pilot turned drone operator. The film also stars Ethan Hawke, Zoe Kravitz and Jake Abel. The movie will be due for release in 2015. Big Congratulations to our January.

JJS has also added another behind the scenes shot from Violet Grey:


New Project Unity/ January to feature in Vogue Italia & Violet Grey / January on Instagram

2014 looks like it's going to be a successful year for our January! Already we've got some exciting news. It has been announced that January will be starring in a new project! According to IMDB and the UK's Daily Mail online, she will provide her voice for the four-part enlightenment documentary Unity. Here is the trailer:

"What Is The Ultimate Goal of Your Life" trailer for UNITY narrated by Marion Cotillard from Nation Earth on Vimeo.

Congratulations to January, who will be appearing alongside a huge cast of stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Joaquin Phoenix and Pamela Anderson. Source
JJS has added 2 x Unity posters:

UnityPoster.jpg UnityPoster2small.jpg

This is due out on March 1 2014.However you can pre-order the digital download of the documentary on the Nation Earth website for $8.00: View here.

Also January will be featuring in Vogue Italia. A behind the scenes shot has been released on January on set with her trusty makeup artist Rachel Goodwin and hair stylist Renato Campora. It looks like it will be a classic shoot:


January will be the March 2014 cover girl for Violet Grey. A few low quality taster shots and behind the scenes photos have been released but it looks like it will be a stunning feature:

JanuaryVioletGreyShoot.jpg JanuaryBTSVioletGrey.jpg JanuaryBTSVioletGrey2.jpg

Finally JJS is so happy to see that January has officially joined Instagram! She has posted some wonderful photos so far, including cute childhood pictures and snaps of her having fun with her sister and her friend Diana Kruger:

JanuaryChildhoodPhoto2.jpg JanuaryWithEricChristianOlsen.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto.jpg JanuaryInstragramPhoto2.jpg

January THR behind the shoot caps / January's Holiday Wishlist / Oceana News

There's been a couple of nice January updates recently. Firstly January has revealed her Holiday Wishlist!She was interviewed by Jimmy Choo. January told them that she would like the most beautiful pair of Tia Swarovski crystal embellished pumps under her christmas tree.

Also a new article has been released by January and Oceana. She speaks about the shark fin ban. It's definitely work a read: Read here.

JJS has made 199 x caps from the THR behind the shoot:

JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter7.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter24.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter63.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter78.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter84.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter162.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter166.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter173.jpg JanuaryBTSTheHollywoodReporter196.jpg
The above images were capped by JJS. If you wish to use these images please contact me or give credit to JJS.